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  • Simone Jacob

"Grace" is alive now in Bronze

This is GRACE. She measures 100cm x 40cm x 30cm (Edition 1/10), weighs 46 kilos and is cast in black bronze. GRACE is my first bronze sculpture. My bronze GRACE is a lightweight compared to the original marble, which weighs at least three times.

GRACE, is for me a tribute to the female fullness with all their curves. GRACE is meant to show that beauty and grace can come in many forms. Women should no longer bow to an arbitrarily defined ideal of womanhood, but celebrate their "womanhood" as it is right for them."
When GRACE was still trapped in the block. The original I have hewn from a white Carrara marble block.

I'm often asked if I know from the beginning how a character should turn out. My answer is "no"! When I start a sculpture, I usually have a vague idea of what I want to create, but then the stone itself, with its shape and structure, gives me the basis. In the process, the form flows out of me as if by itself. I let myself be surprised which lines my chisel wants to follow. I am then almost in a meditative state.

"Others do yoga, I work stone."
Many weeks later...

...the sculpture in marble and then also in bronze is ready.

"In my figures, I break away from a realistic form. Whether face or body - everything forms itself anew.
Nothing has to be as it is, but can be as it wants, or as I want it to be.
A free interpretation of being."

GRACE wird ausgestellt von:

  • Galerie Baumgartl in München, Prannerstraße 5.

  • Galerie AHOY! Art Galery in Palma de Mallorca.

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