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  • Simone Jacob


Why is the weather never right? Especially when it gets cold outside, many people complain about the weather. Most of the complaints start with the word "too": Too cold, too muddy, too wet, too windy, too gray, too uncomfortable.

I find it all the more comfortable the more uncomfortable it gets outside. Every year I look forward to the first gusts of wind, the falling leaves, the rain and the cold like crazy. Finally couch potato time. It's time to slow down!

For me then begins a time when I can be lazy without a guilty conscience. I don't have to make up excuses why I can't possibly mow the lawn, rake beds, jog, hike, shop, go to the beer garden or go for a walk. The weather just doesn't allow it. Basta! It almost forces me to stay indoors. How gorgeous is that?! Not, that don't like summer. I love him, but after a few months it's enough! All that romping around outside is nice, but for a whole summer like this. also quite exhausting

If the weather is bad, I CAN'T do anything about it, even if I wanted to, which I secretly don't want....but I don't have to tell anyone that....No, it's the weather's fault if I have to look after the house . The couch smiles at me, the tea kettle whistles, the thick socks are waiting and the book I've wanted to read for a long time rests in my hand. Maybe I'll snack on a few more cookies, because even the bikini figure is now in hibernation. What enjoyable time.

When I finally get tired of the couch, my house becomes an adventure playground. I comfortably clear out my closets, sort my folders, throw away all superfluous odds and ends so that the space around me can breathe again. Old books, mountains of paper and magazines, expired groceries, everything that I no longer need is gone. It's storming outside and inside I'm taking it easy.

If I still have enough energy left after my easy action, I might even paint one or the other room a nice color. My living room wall got a petrol-colored paint in this way. All of this means that I like it even better on the couch.

And if I do get bored, on the couch, then I simply pack myself in the “right clothes” and head out into the “never right weather”. Because as the saying goes:

There's no wrong weather, just the wrong clothes!

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