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  • Simone Jacob


Photographer: Stephan Glathke
Many model jobs are only decided at short notice. Spontaneously you can go to the northern end of Norway, to the city of Santiago de Chile, from winter to summery Capetown or to rainy Hamburg. Each location requires different outfits, but a few things remain the same.

That's why I always packed the most important standard things in my hand luggage trolley case with a detachable backpack. Since I usually do without a handbag completely, I have my hands free when travelling. This is extremely practical and relaxing.

In my backpack I have my passport, wallet, peppermints, mobile phone, glasses and I-Pad. When I go exploring, I can use my backpack separately at any time. The distribution of the weight over two straps prevents me from getting shoulder pain like from a shoulder bag.

Which outfits I always have packed in my suitcase:

  • a thin dark blue Goretex rain jacket. A MUST.

  • a thin, dark legging for chilling in the hotel room

  • two black t-shirts, long-sleeved and short-sleeved.

  • sleep t shirt

  • sneakers

  • flip flops

  • black jeans

  • black sweater

  • Skin-colored panties, bra, black socks

  • a black, thin scarf

  • thick, dark socks for the flight

As you can see, black is my color of choice. You hardly see dirt on it and you always look elegant.

For the journey itself, I usually wear overalls. I have two of them, in dark blue jersey and a baggy khaki jumpsuit. With an overall, nothing slips out and nothing pinches. With this outfit, you can survive any long-haul flight and even arrive at your destination in perfect condition.

My toilet bag:

  • toothbrush

  • Toothpaste,.

  • brush

  • roll-on deodorant

  • Hyaluronic moisturizer

  • Day cream with sun protection 30

  • Wet wipes for removing make-up

  • small body lotion

  • hand cream

  • Eight Hour Cream Fragrance Free (a super healing ointment I use for everything cuticles, lips, face when it's cold)

  • mascara

  • Small shampoo and conditioner (available at drugstores especially for travel)

  • ibuprofen

  • Nasal spray (so that your nose is clear when you land if you have a cold. Otherwise the pressure in your ears can become extremely painful)

  • Melatonin on long-haul flights

  • Nail scissors, file, tweezers

That's it! Everything else is extras. And another tip...don't take too many clothes with you, because you can usually find a nice little thing for home at the destination and it has to fit in the suitcase.

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