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  • Simone Jacob

Pro-Age instead of Anti-Age: Overcoming the Absurdity of the Youth Delusion

In a society dominated by beauty standards and the desire for eternal youth, it seems that older women over 50 are often encouraged to feel flattered when someone says, "You look so much younger than you are." But is this supposed flattery really a compliment? Or does it not rather reveal the deep-rooted absurdity of our youth mania?

I am clearly pro-age! Pro-Age is a plea for the freedom to be ourselves and not to be restricted by social norms.

Aging is a natural part of life, and it should not be viewed as something negative. Every wrinkle, every gray strand of hair is the sign of a life lived, it testifies to experiences and stories a woman has gathered in her life.

It's time we shift the focus from anti-age to pro-age, to appreciate the beauty and wisdom of growing older.

Instead of encouraging older women to hide or fight their signs of maturity, we should promote a culture that sees aging as something beautiful and admirable.

We should stop bowing to the pressure of youth mania and rather celebrate ourselves and other women for their age. Instead of rejoicing in supposed "youthfulness," it would be time to rejoice in how rich and fulfilling life can be when we acknowledge and accept the years along life's journey.

Let's focus not on how young you look, but how fulfilled, vibrant and confident you feel.

When a woman over 50 accepts and loves herself as she is, she sends a powerful signal to her daughters and society. She exemplifies that growing older is not a burden, but an opportunity to develop and grow herself.

The pursuit of eternal youth may be tempting, but it is an illusion that prevents us from realizing life's true potential. Growing older is a gift that gives us the opportunity to evolve, learn and grow. So, forget the youth craze and let's embrace life in all its facets - full of pride, beauty and wisdom. Because true beauty knows no age.

Therefore, let's spread the pro-age idea and overcome the absurdity of the youth craze, which suggests that we should hide our aging and even be ashamed of it. What a waste of energy. To this I say no! Because aging has been provided by nature for us women and also men. It is not a disease!

Instead, let's encourage women at every age to be comfortable in their skin and proud of who they are and what they have accomplished. has provided. Because each year of life has given us new experiences, lessons and insights that have made us the strong and unique women we are today.

It's time for us to break away from beauty norms and develop a new understanding of beauty and age - one based on dignity, self-love and acceptance. Because true beauty knows no expiration date - it's timeless, powerful and unique, just like every woman over 50.


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