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"This post is powered by Pantene Pro-V"

Proper care for gray hair and the meaning of “Great Hair Days”

A Yale University study, commissioned by Pantene Pro-V, found that the majority of women are not happy with their hair health.

Only one in ten women has a “great hair day” every day *1. The study also came to the conclusion that women worldwide are at least twice as likely to feel stronger through a "Great Hair Day" in their everyday life than through a therapy session or yoga. Even a great outfit or make-up does not have as great an impact on our mood, self-confidence and charisma as a "Great Hair Day" *1.

So it's only logical that we should do everything we can to make every day of our lives a "Great Hair Day". The goal of Pantene Pro-V is therefore "Give more Women more Great Hair Days"!

Pantene has developed the right care products for every hair type and hair need. Every day becomes a "Great Hair Day" on which you can start with confidence and full of energy.

Especially as a model, my hair is often strained. It goes without saying that my hair stylists dig deep into their bag of tricks with curling irons, curlers, straighteners and sprays to give my hair a special look. Of course, that puts a strain on my hair. Then there is the stone dust when I stand in my workshop and carve sculptures.

Good that I can rely on Pantene. It provides my hair with important care substances and makes it shine. After washing, I pamper my hair with a small Pantene Pro-V Superfood 1 Minute Miracle Ampoule, which I leave on for a minute and then rinse out. This ampoule is my secret weapon.

Afterwards my hair looks perfect. They are shiny, silky, just full of life and I'm happy. My hair doesn't need any more care. With my gray hair, I've only had the very best experiences with Pantene Pro-V.

I had my first gray strands when I was 30. But it wasn't until 20 years later that I stopped coloring and started loving my gray hair. For many, 'grey' is not a colour. But for me as an artist there is no 'non-colour'. Everything is color and gray is not the same as grey. There are all nuances, from white to silver gray to dark gray. Today I can't imagine any other color for myself.

I love my silver gray hair and Pantene Pro-V is the perfect care partner for me and my hair.

What else do I do with my hair?

Not much: After washing, I blow-dry them on a lukewarm setting. In the summer I sometimes let them air dry as well. I also go to the hairdresser regularly and have the tips trimmed. The optimal length for me is almost to the shoulder, but because of the free swing, just off the shoulder. I let the lower part step through slightly. This makes my hair look fuller.

Of course, my hair care “package” also includes eating healthy and being out in the fresh air a lot. As you can see, the all-round feel-good hair care program is very simple.


Results of the "Yale Study": The study "IS GOOD HAIR LINKED TO GOOD HEALTH?" was conducted on behalf of P&G Hair Care by Professor Marianne LaFrance, Yale University, with the help of interactive panels in May 2017. For the intercultural study, 3,000 women between the ages of 18 and 35 who wash their hair at least once a week were interviewed. 300 women per country were interviewed in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, UK, Spain, Russia, India, Japan, China and Indonesia. The aim of the study was to find out how satisfied women around the world are with their hair, whether and how this satisfaction correlates with a healthy lifestyle, and to explore the psychological effects of a great or bad hair day.

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