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  • Simone Jacob


A car must have four wheels and drive. It should also fit a lot. That's how simple it is for me. I don't need a car to polish up my image. A Rolls Royce, for example, has always been an overkill car for me that only braggarts or people with low self-esteem need.

Until I recently had to drive such a "show-off car" on Mallorca for a job for the car magazine Ramp (photographer: Roman Kuhn That's when something incredible happened. I fell in love. Yes, with this luxury car.

Inside and out, this car is characterized by breathtaking perfection in craftsmanship, aesthetics and technology. The finish of the leather, the shape of the dashboard, the rich "smack" when the doors close, the sense-making technical gauges, the smooth engine sound, and all the other thoughtful details. I can now understand how people - only those with money, of course - only want to drive this car. Simply to enjoy the perfect synthesis of form, function and quality.

Nevertheless, the driver has to reckon with hostility from the environment, because there are still enough people out there who - like me before - will think he's a show-off...

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