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  • Simone Jacob

Send your routine into the desert

Photos by Roman Kuhn

We all have our cherished rituals. Things, actions without which we do not want to start the day, which structure our everyday life, make it sweeter, push us and give us security.

For me, for example, the day always starts with a cup of latte in bed and reading the latest online news. Then I take a shower, and only then - I know, it's actually illogical - do half an hour of sport. Only now am I fit for the day. Of course, if I'm working away from home, I can do it differently, but yes, then I'm missing something. At least the latte is essential for my day.

We often get in our own way with our rituals. Namely, when they become a stuck routine and we feel worse, even dysfunctional, without them.

According to the motto: "Oh God, no coffee today, how can I survive the day." And already everything takes on a bland taste. Of course, this is all in my head, because nothing has changed physically. The sun may even be shining, my colleague at work greets me very nicely, and I've won a new customer. And still! It all helps nothing, because finally the damn coffee is missing!

This is just a simple, perhaps somewhat exaggerated example of how much stuck routines sometimes hinder us from enjoying the day.

We mutate into machines that produce the corresponding moods only when a coin is inserted. We thus create our own slave master. Nothing speaks against the enjoyment of a delicious, fragrant latte, but it should not determine our day.

That's why I advocate breaking routines more often. Do something unusual! Small changes in the daily routine can be seemingly insignificant and yet have a big impact.

Observe what it does to you, for example, if you drink fresh orange juice with ginger instead of coffee in the morning, instead of reading bad news, romp with the dog on the floor, instead of cleaning the apartment take a long walk in nature. This all sounds pretty normal.

But you can also increase your anti-routine and do something crazier.

For example, finally get up the courage to part with your long hair and get a cheeky short haircut today. You can not sing and therefore do it only secretly in the car where no one hears it? Excellent, sign up with a singing teacher and let all available sounds out of you. You only ever eat vegan? Do something really crazy and "treat" yourself to junk food ;-), maybe a currywurst or something similarly "evil", "forbidden".

Sometimes we have to break out to stay alive. Nothing is set in stone. Breaking routines can briefly shake up your sense of well-being. Look forward to it, because it is a chance to experience yourself anew.

Each of us carries around some slave master. Mine is sometimes very strict with me and insists that I do not freak out and always have my body under control. I know my body well, because I do a lot of sports, but they are just always regulated, orderly movements. But I always wanted to know my body in all its movement possibilities, to bend, twist, jump, gasp, laugh, look ridiculous. That's why I wished my sweetheart to let his camera rattle through at the next opportunity, while I make myself into Kaspar. On our hike in the Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca, he did me this favor. You can see the photos here.

Hach, that was wonderful. Not a thought to waste on how I look, whether beautiful or silly...everything does not matter...main thing fun!!!

Dare! Let yourself off the routine leash....and please let me share your experiences :-)...write me how you did.

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