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  • Simone Jacob


Dieser Beitrag wird unterstützt von Peter Hahn

All Photos by Roman Kuhn

Mallorca has been my second home for almost four years. And that, although the largest Balearic island in the Mediterranean and I, did not have an easy start. I associated Mallorca with bawling booze and sex tourists. The Germans hung out at Ballermann, the English on the beach of Magaluf. It's a pity, but that's the image many people have of the island.

Only through my life partner, Roman Kuhn, I got to know and love the natural paradise of Mallorca and the many other sides of the island.

Today I live and work in Palma. Together with Roman Kuhn I run a gallery in El Terreno, a district of Palma. There is also my sculptor workshop, where I hew and paint sculptures in marble and sandstone.

Of the more than 800,000 inhabitants of the island, almost half live in the capital. The beauty of Palma is that it is a real working city. It works all year round - even without tourists! You usually only see them here when the weather is bad. Only when there is no more activity on the beach, the city gets crowded.

But Mallorca is of course much more than beach or city. What the fewest know, on Mallorca there are over 1500 - also rare - plant species, wild grasses and orchids. I love this green splendor and diversity.

Also in my clothes. These two silk pants with their flower and grass prints - found at Peter Hahn - are real island pants for me and provide me with a never-ending vacation feeling.

They are wide and fluttery, so the wind can brush through. With the often high temperatures in summer a relief. In addition, I can restyle them with different tops without much effort.

Laura Biagiotti Donna silk pants with floral print.

Fashionably, by the way, the island is the hit. Due to the high density of rich and celebrities, the standard of living and thus the fashionable demand is very high. Here it can happen that Michael Douglas, Brad Pit, Jennifer Aniston or Claudia Schiffer turn the corner. On the largest island of the Balearic Islands there are countless possibilities for Secret Homes.

550 kilometers of coastline offer, beyond the popular beaches, many wild coves difficult to access by the public, rugged cliffs, caves and almost untouched sandy beaches.

Sailors, kite surfers and divers will find what they are looking for, as will sun worshippers, hikers and celebrities who want to keep to themselves.

On the 90 km long mountain range, Sierra de Tramuntana, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011, you can make wonderful walks along the coast. The sea for refreshment virtually always within reach or at least within sight.

If you want, you can even climb the Puig Major to 1445 meters high. This is the highest mountain in Mallorca. In winter, it is sometimes even dusted with snow. The many serpentines up and down, are for cyclists and motorcyclists an Eldorado.

But Mallorca also shines with picturesque, partly medieval villages. True pearls in the northwest are Soller, Valldemossa and the mountain village of Deia. In the northeast Arta or in the southeast Santanyi.

In the interior, on the other hand, idyllic almond tree plantations are enchanting. There are over 7 million on the island, From January to March, a single, fragrant sea of flowers. In other regions, orange groves or viticulture dominate.

Mallorca is a pearl in the Mediterranean Sea and can also be reached in just under two hours from almost any city in Europe. That's why not only I love this island. 17 percent of foreigners have chosen to live in paradise. And I think it should not become more......



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