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  • Simone Jacob


This contribution is supported by Peter Hahn

All photos by Roman Kuhn

Can joie de vivre be expressed through fashion? Yes, for example with the candy-colored Fluffy Ears sweaters. When I wear one of these cheerful cashmere sweaters in bright lemon, pink, lemon green or azure, I'm in a good mood right away.

Cheerful colors make me happy.

It's like laughing. You are in a bad mood. What to do? Quite simply, you twist the corners of your mouth into a smile, even better a laugh. Hold your induced laugh for a minute. And lo and behold...

Your laughing muscles send the signal "hah, my person is in a good mood" to the brain and thus fool your brain bouncer for emotions. And your synapses jump into a good mood and fire happiness signals back at you like crazy.

This also works for me with cheerful colors. My eyes are literally overflowing with happiness and my brain and I are doing well.

Maybe you enjoy these feel-good sweaters just as much as I do. If not, they can definitely be combined with everything and if not you, they end up making others happy when they look at you ;-).

Sophisticated with the shift dress in powder pink

With flower power trousers

With a flutter skirt in pastel yellow

With gray cashmere pants with cute striped stripes.

Cool with jeans.

Cashmere sweater in azure

Cashmere sweater in lemon green with a powder blue overall.

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