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  • Simone Jacob


There is a little story about this cowboy hat. It's mine and it lived on my head almost every day for 15 years. At that time I wasn't working as a model, but was the mother of two little gangsters and worked sporadically as a TV journalist and sculptor. But the most important thing, I lived with my family on a small farm in Bavaria with five horses in the garden. My first course in the morning was to the stable! Feeding, mucking out, riding.

Between 32 and 47 that was my life. That made my childhood dream come true. Besides my children, this "down to the earth life" with animals in a natural environment was the greatest gift of my life.

My quarter horse mare Quincy. Sometime in 2005

My children and I are still feeding on this extraordinary experience. It is anchored deep in our hearts. Forever!

Even so many years later, I can hear the horses meditatively chew, smell them, feel their tender nostrils, hear the creaking of the leather saddle as I ride, feel the stable manure in my bones, and feel the immense stillness and peace around me when I she rode or trained - no matter what the weather. One with nature and with these magnificent, highly sensitive beings who can read me like a book, never lie and always give honest feedback.

You'll ask, why on earth did you give up this life? I will say life moves on and I tend to go with the flow. I don't find change threatening, but rather exciting. My work as a model, sculptor and painter makes up my life today. The kids have left home and I'm free as a bird. Now I want to fly... Who knows where I'll end up in the next ten years when I'm old and crumpled. Maybe then I'll live in the country again and trek through the woods on a quarter horse.

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