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  • Simone Jacob


This contribution is supported by Peter Hahn

All photos by Roman Kuhn

I love Mallorca, the nature, the tranquility, the Tramuntana mountains, the life by the sea and the fresh sea air...

Jacket from Fuchs and Schmitt, scarf from Bogner.

But sometimes I need the exact opposite. The Big City. The Big Apple! New York.

New York is loud, vibrant, ugly, exciting, crazy, exhausting, trendy, dirty, beautiful, smelly, expensive, but ALWAYS fascinating.

I was once again overwhelmed by the city that never sleeps.

This teddy bear coat from Schneiders Salzburg is the ideal NY companion! Cuddly warm, wrinkle-free and always looks stylish. In addition, I combine a Leiderhose of Fadenmeister Berlin, a cashmere pull in ecru of Includeund ankle boots in snake optics of Kennel and Schmenger.

I checked into the designer hotel "The Public" in Soho for a week.

The tip of a model friend turned out to be a bull's eye. Thanks Marlijn! The hotel is relatively new and very stylish. It has a brilliant Roof Top Terrace & Bar with 360 degree views over Manhattan, a fitness center, a chic restaurant with garden and a great lounge area where there are free snacks and drinks every afternoon.

From here, I explore Manhattan. On foot. I love to walk around cities. Of course, my first destination is the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge.

From both bridges, which span the East River, one has a sensational view of Manhattan. On the way I walk through Chinatown and the Financial District.

To get an overview of the island of Manhattan, a sightseeing tour by water with the

Sightseeing tour by water with the Circle Line. It departs from W42nd Street / Midtown West.

Another "MUST" is of course the view of the city, from the "Top of the Rock", the Rockefeller Center in Midtown.

From up there, I experience a tremendous storm. A black wall drifts over the Hudson River and finally wraps all of Manhattan in rain, fog and gusts of wind. Shortly before, the cell phones of the visitors on the Rockefeller Tower emit emergency calls. Also my cell phone beeps shrilly loose and on my display appears the sms, "Keep away from flooded areas". I find that then nevertheless rather "scary". Apparently we are already so far that Google or whoever, everywhere access to each cell phone has.

With my impressions from the water and from the air, my sightseeing needs are covered. From now on, I let myself drift through the city. Looking at stores, drinking coffee and of course shopping. I like it best in SOHO, which by the way means "South of Houston".

There I discover the exciting London fashion label "Selfportrait" on Mercer Street, which has just opened its first US store here. I am also enthusiastic about the fashion label "Vince" on Prince Street. There you can find fashion in the most beautiful colors. This mint-colored coat has done it to me especially.

Continue to Mott Street. Be sure to stop by the boutique "Highway".

In Spring Street, in the bag store Westerlind, I find the perfect shoulder bag for my many trips. Lightweight, cuddly, with many zippers for quick access.

To rest then best to the Cafe Quotidien in Grand Street, corner Mercer Street. Here you can get delicious coffee and croissant, perfect for pampered European stomachs, which can do nothing with the brown American sloppy water, which optimistically calls itself coffee.

After a week of NYC stimulus overload, I'm ready for my island. Great gratitude fills me as I touch Mallorcan soil. Finally back in beautiful, green, clean and cozy Palma.

Nevertheless, once I've had my dose of rest, I'll take off again. To New York. Then maybe for a month or two? God forbid, whether I survive that....?



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