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  • Simone Jacob

My way - From marble to bronze

So far I made sculptures from marble, sandstone and Jurassic limestone. Of course, I will continue to do so. But now I have discovered the BRONZE CASTING.

and that changes everything !

There is a wonderful art foundry near Altötting. For generations it has immortalized the works of great artists in bronze, including the figures on the Munich Siegestor.

My latest large marble sculpture (100 cm x 32 cm x 30 cm), the "GRACE", is now there and waiting for your new outfit in bronze. Since I am a layman in the field of bronze casting and you probably the same, I explain here briefly the way from the original marble to the finished bronze sculpture.

It is quite a complicated process. A negative mold is made of silicone from the original.

This is poured thinly with wax. This creates the positive mold that you see here.

It already has channels for pouring the bronze. The positive mold is then embedded in fireclay. Finally, the whole thing goes into the furnace. The wax is melted out and the bronze is poured in. It takes four days and 800 degrees until the bronze sculpture is ready.

I feel like I'm about to give birth and can't wait to see the finished bronze piece in three weeks. The "ANCIENT MOTHER" then goes to Palma de Mallorca in the Gallery Ahoy to Renate and Michael Pentzien.

Due to the bronze casting I don't have to part with my original - as I did before. Until now, every sale hurt a bit. After all, in such a unique piece countless hours of work, sweat, thoughts and love.

Now I can sell the original, but I don't have to. The customer can either buy a cast in bronze or the original sculpture in stone. From the silicone mold, I can have up to 20 bronze casts made. This is how editions are created.

And it goes on. I will have the digital data of all my stone sculptures scanned. With the data sets it is possible to cast further sculptures in any size and from any material, such as steel, aluminum, silver, epoxy. From very small to really big!

As much as I am often at war with modern technology, in this case, I am excited and grateful for the many opportunities it offers me to advance in my art.



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