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  • Simone Jacob


I feel the same way about fashion as I do about food. I decide spontaneously which outfit I want and pull it out of the closet. Do I feel lacking in energy, insecure, battered, sensitive, emotional, feminine, soft, sensual or colourful, funny, powerful, adventurous, self-confident?


A city hippie, urban or rather the country lady? Do I need it simple, fast, convenient, practical, insensitive or sophisticated, exquisite, fashionable?

Not that I discuss these questions extensively with myself every morning before the first coffee. No, for heaven's sake, wanting and looking for the right clothes in the right color is very intuitive. And that always has something to do with the color as well as the style. I am particularly sensitive to colors, which is already expressed in my collection of coffee cups in all colors. On some days coffee from a red cup is a no go. At best, a beige mug with pastel-colored dots would do. The next morning it has to be the red cup. I don't know if I'm the only one with this quirk or if others feel the same way?

Anyway, the color MUST match my mood every morning. I'm different every day. I am many! At least that's how I feel. I don't like to be defined. And for me, freedom doesn't stop with my style.

Fashion is not just about clothes. Fashion is an attitude, a way of life, a way of life. Fashion is another space through which you express your ME. And supposed fashion refusers also make a statement. Fashion cannot express anything.

We women are allowed to be courageous, to test and show ourselves with fashion, among other things. Also in different styles.. If the look goes wrong - not bad, then I just tried myself for a day and found out new things, also about my fellow human beings and their reaction to me and my outfit. What matters is how do I deal with it? Do I confidently stand by my fashion statement or do I immediately run to the closet and pull out another - in the eyes of others - more suitable outfit?!



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