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My little personal Silver workout program with a total of 12 exercises, lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on how often you want to repeat each exercise. 6 exercises are for legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms, 4 for the waist and 2 stretching exercises.

I show the exercises that give the best results on my body, that do not harm my joints and bones and that I can really do anywhere.

I don't claim to reinvent the fitness world with my little workout program.

I do most of the exercises 8 times each in 8 sets. That is the goal. But please start small, depending on your individual training level. For example, 4 times 4 sets is a good start. If you still never make it to 8 x 8 sets, you can still be proud of yourself. The main thing is that you do something at all and if possible five times a week.

Here are my 12 exercises

Of these, 6 exercises are for legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms, 4 for the waist and 2 stretching exercises.

1. Butt and thigh back:

Each leg 8 times 8 sets.

Important, in the starting position the leg and back form a line. From here, the extended leg is lifted. The foot is flex. Up and down. Both sides.

Tip: If you bend your arms slightly, you even train the so-called "angular flesh".

2. Butt and thigh back:

8 x 8 sets

Bend the leg 90 degrees. From here, move up a few inches and back to the starting position. While doing this, tighten the butt. Both sides.

3. Buttocks and thigh outer side:

8 x 4 sets is usually enough.

The bent leg at 90 degrees to the side. The foot is flexed. From this position, lift the leg a few centimeters. Then switch sides.

4. Inner thighs and abdomen:

8 x in 4 sets:

This is a fantastic exercise for the inner thighs. This muscle needs a more intense workout at our age so it doesn't "slobber". The abdomen is trained along with it. A firm pillow, or in a pinch a scrunched up sweatshirt. Lie on your back. Raise the knees to a right angle. Squeeze the object between your knees tightly and relax again. You will see that this exercise looks like nothing, but it is really exhausting.

5. Abdomen and legs top:

8 times 8 sets:

I do this abdominal exercise in a neck-friendly position because otherwise my arthritis in my neck will call in and I'll get a headache. The weight is on your butt. The arms support you and are slightly bent. This also exercises the arms. Alternately stretch and bend your legs. Attention. Do not arch your back.

6. Angle sleeve killer:

8 x 4 sets

In reverse quadruped stand. Raise buttocks, bend legs, brace arms to body and back. Bend and straighten arms. Up and down. The effect is even greater if you place your hands on a low platform, such as a stair step.

7. Stretch lower back and back thigh:

each leg 1 time:

Stretch, then pull knee toward chest.

8. Stretch the spine:

1 time to each side:

Head and arm in opposite direction to the lower body.

9. Hips circle:

4 times to each side:

The legs are slightly bent.

10. Waist stretch:

4 x in each direction:

Move upper body to the left, right. Lower body is firm. Legs are bent.

11. Rotate upper body/ waist:

8 x to each side:

Bent legs. Rotate torso, taking one arm at a time in the direction. Both sides. Make sure shoulders are low.

12. Stretch the waist and torso:

Once to each side:

Bent legs. Stretch one arm over the head and to the side. Shoulders are relaxed and deep. Both sides.

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