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Photographer: Roman Kuhn
Honestly, I love chocolate. Best daily! The stupid thing is, model and chocolate - don't really go together! But since I'm not ready to give up my passion for chocolate, I started to do some research. I was looking for a chocolate that is healthy, organic and low in calories. The obvious alternative, a chocolate without sugar but with sweeteners, was out of the question for me. I didn't want to stuff myself with artificial sweetness.

And then I found it, the perfect chocolate! It's called CACHAO RAW CHOCOLATE. I found them in a small shop just behind the Santa Catalina market in Palma. And the best thing about her: This chocolate is also healthy.

Because I wanted to know more about Cachao chocolate, I asked the Cachao chocolatier Tino Wolter and found out the following:

For the cachao chocolate, the cocoa beans are not heated to 130 degrees, as is usual, but only to 42 degrees. This small but important difference to most commercially available chocolates makes them so special. Above all, especially healthy! All of the minerals in the raw cocoa are preserved in this process.

Here are the facts:

Cachao chocolate contains magnesium, iron and chromium. This is good for blood pressure, bone structure, regulates cell growth and supports brain and heart function. It also puts you in a good mood and gives you energy - well, any chocolate does that - but Cachao is also low in calories and supposedly a natural aphrodisiac. To be honest, I couldn't find the latter. At least I didn't feel like nibbling on chocolatier Tino Wolter instead of chocolate.

The Cachao chocolate is sweetened and refined with low-calorie coconut blossom sugar, natural ingredients and flavors from organically controlled cultivation such as vanilla, fleur de sel, hand-picked and self-dried apricots and oranges. No butter is added to the chocolate.

So if you want to snack on chocolate without a guilty conscience, you should first research the production methods of the chocolate brand of your choice or, like me, use CACHAO. I've already found my favorites, "Apricot and Lavender" and "Orange".

Only downside, cachao is not cheap. A 40 gram box with chocolate bars costs 7.50 euros, a 70 gram bar is available for 11.50 euros. On the other hand, you have to dig deep into your pocket for other brands of handmade chocolate. Quality just costs. After all, this means that I rarely plaster an entire board at once, but divide it up over several days.

The chocolates from CACHAO Chocolate Manufactury - Holistic Food are available online: or directly in the store. It is located behind the must-see market of Santa Catalina at Placa de la Navegacio 14a, 07013 Palma, Illes de Balears, Spain. The chocolate can then be enjoyed comfortably with tapas or a coffee around the market.

And another tip:

When visiting the shop, chocolatier Tino Wolter almost always takes the time to introduce you to the secrets of chocolate, including a tour of the small but fine manufactory.

After that you will understand even better why the Aztecs called cocoa chocolate the "food of the gods".

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