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Honestly, I prefer to be pure, without makeup. But if make-up, then discreet. By the way, I find that more suitable for any age than thick, garish makeup. For ladies of a more mature age, like me, too much make-up makes you look old.

Therefore: Less is more!

If you have naturally good skin and are easily kissed by the sun, you should do without a tinted cream altogether. Just mascara and who wants, still some delicate eye shadow in natural tones on the eyelids. On Kajal over and under the eyes, I recommend to do without completely. This makes the eyes small and unfortunately again old, in the worst case even cheap. On the other hand, it is important to shape the eyebrows upwards, e.g. with some gel or fat cream, and thus visually open the eyes.

Perhaps a delicate creme rouge for the cheeks and a delicate lip color. The narrower the mouth, the more delicate colors are appropriate. If you have full lips, you can go for bright red.

In general, I think you should always decide whether you prefer to emphasize the eyes or the lips. In my opinion, both are too much and look slightly unnatural and overpainted. And what nicer compliment is there than "you are a natural beauty".

For some time now, there are more and more women who opt for permanent makeup. For me this is out of the question. I want to decide for myself every day how I look. Pigmented lips and eye contours often make a woman look harder and older. And in addition, in most cases you can see that something has been done.

Also from the bladen of the eyebrows I advise against. I also find the trend to glued eyelashes difficult. This must be done very discreetly and naturally, so that the eyes do not look like heavy garage doors with palm fronds.


You certainly already realize, great make-up tips I do not have, because I like it best natural. Then I can venture out in wind, rain, snow and sunshine without the worry that something slips, not to mention the poor man who wakes up next to me in the morning and thinks to himself, but that was another yesterday.

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