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Posted on March 29, 2020 by SIMONE

This contribution is supported by Peter Hahn

Linen is a fabric from another time. A time when there was no air conditioning, no plastic clothing and no spandex. Because linen cools even in the greatest heat, is not elastic and creases.

My first thought when I put together my linen ensembles - all by Peter Hahn - was: Who can afford linen these days?

Yes, linen cools - no doubt an advantage! And it creases – a disadvantage!? But are creases really a downside or is this characteristic what makes them attractive in the first place.

At a time when textiles should above all be practical, stretchy and wrinkle-free, linen seems like a proud lady who says, "I love my wrinkles!".

outfit tile

Linen outfit: blouse and pants.

It seems linen is worn by people who don't care if their clothes are wrinkled. Who perhaps even appreciate that their clothes show that they are used, that they tell of all the movements of the body and are remembered in their creases, folds, warps and lines?

Blouse with a cheerful floral print, slim fit jeans and a bag

Linen is only wrinkle free as long as you don't wear it. In the body it comes to life, so to speak.

Linen therefore seems real, authentic, casual, self-confident and unconventional in a world in which most things should be without corners, edges and wrinkle-free.

Linen blouse, ecru-orange shirt, linen pants, necklace

Linen speaks to the soul of people who don't feel like always being neatly ironed, neat and fitted. Linen is casual, effortless, relaxed, has something of a globetrotter, of an artist, of I am allowed to be who I am and my clothes too. And best of all, despite this statement, I don't break a sweat. Linen keeps me cool - even in the height of summer.

Green linen dress, chain multicolor

Many good reasons to wear linen again - also or especially in Corona times. Because even in difficult times, you can look forward to summer. Optimism and a good mood will help them to survive.

Linen cardigan in corn yellow, linen shirt in corn yellow, trousers with a print

So get out into nature, alone or with your partner - that's allowed and good for the soul. Of course only with the necessary safety distance from others. And if you also feel beautiful while doing it, that doesn't hurt either.

Linen sweater, Bermudas

tips: how to properly care for linenwashing

  • Machine only half full. Linen creases less this way.

  • Wash on a gentle cycle. Spin only up to max. 600 rpm

  • No bleach or bleach additives. Chemistry is poison for natural fibres.

  • Always wash linen warm. Undyed 100% linen fabric can even be washed up to 95 degrees.

  • Do not tumble dry.

  • Do not dry in direct sunlight.

  • Linen fibers can fade.

  • Only wring out linen knitwear and pull into shape, dry flat.

  • Only store in a dry place, as moisture can cause mildew stains.Iron while damp.

  • Tip: Hang up linen in a damp bathroom. Wrinkles can disappear as a result of the steam.

So have fun with these cool, cheerful linen outfits, all of which can be ordered online from Peter Hahn.

And another piece of good news: Peter Hahn landed in 5th place for the topic of "credible sustainability" (study by Conclusion Research). Congratulations.

Linen Blouse Jacket, Linen Flower Dress

Linen is made from flax. Flax is sustainable and has an excellent ecological balance.

Because flax grows on dry soil on which almost nothing else thrives. He needs no artificial irrigation and no chemicals.

Linen is even compostable and can be completely biodegraded within 14 days. But who wants to give the good pieces back to nature?

Striped top, skirt in navy

Linen top in coral, linen trousers in dark olive, floral silk scarf

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