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  • Simone Jacob

Hair off!

Bang!!! Hair off! For two years, I backed out of sitting in the chair with my hair stylist, Lisa. Instead of short, it still stayed at some sort of shoulder length bob.And each time I was a little disappointed in myself. Not daring again! What was holding me back? What was I afraid of?

All my life I've been the woman with long hair. I wanted to finally experience myself differently. I always admired Tilda Swinton with her edgy hair look and non-conformist look. I thought she was brave. She defied the typical female stereotype.

At my next haircut appointment, I was solidified. There was no turning back. The long mane had to come off. And so it was. With each falling strand, my heart leapt a little with happiness. Well, I was of course still the same, but from long to short definitely made a completely different type of me.

My life partner was thrilled. My type change we celebrated directly with a photo shoot. Here you can see the result.

What do you think of my change? What type was I before and who do you see now?

What hair adventures have you already experienced?

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