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It's actually really easy to stay fit for life. There is a sport that anyone and everyone can always do. GO! Very few, however, think of sport when walking, but of "non-sport".

Yes, walking is rarely taken seriously because it is completely unspectacular. You don't have to go to the mountains or even go on vacation. You can always go. It starts practically on your own doorstep. And that's what makes it so sporty. You only have to do without the bike, the car, the bus or the train.

The way to the shops, to a girlfriend, to the cinema, to work or to the park certainly takes longer, but it is also healthier. In fact, you can discover new, unknown and unexpectedly beautiful paths.

Whoever walks gains freedom, stamina, health, a good mood and much more.

People spend 50-70 percent of the day sitting down, which is an average of only around 1,000 steps per day, which corresponds to a ridiculous 650 meters. :-O

But human beings are made by nature to walk. This has been its natural way of life for thousands of years. Sitting a lot is a modern invention and makes us ill. Back problems and much more are the result.

To stay fit, the World Health Organization recommends walking seven kilometers a day, about 10,000 steps a day.

Here are the ten benefits you gain by going:

  1. Walking makes you happy.

  2. It can prevent osteoarthritis.

  3. Your life expectancy increases.

  4. Walking more than seven hours a week reduces your risk of breast cancer by 14% (American Cancer Society study).

  5. You lose weight and your digestion is stimulated.

  6. Your blood pressure drops, your heart and circulation are trained. You can concentrate better, you are more relaxed, you can sleep better.

  7. You get sick less often because your immune system is getting stronger.

  8. Various studies show that walking can reduce your risk of developing diabetes mellitus (type 2).

  9. Your risk of developing Alzheimer's decreases.

  10. The Glaucoma Research Foundation found that regular walking (at least three times a week) significantly reduces the risk of developing glaucoma.

It's unbelievable how many benefits such a simple thing as WALK has for us. In addition, free of charge. So, there are no more excuses. Just go.....

If you also want to do something for your stomach, legs, buttocks and arms, you can do my little silver training right away. You can find it here on my blog.

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