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This contribution is supported by Peter Hahn All Photos by Roman Kuhn

The first rays of sunshine are warming, but it's still quite cool. My indispensable favorite pieces in April are therefore my new cashmere ponchos by Peter Hahn. They are light as a feather, fit in any handbag and if the cold pinches, you can quickly throw them on.

The poncho in a dove melange looks particularly casual with my trousers with a snake print. But I also love the poncho in lime green.

These ponchos can be combined with almost anything and refine every outfit, whether it's trousers or a skirt.

For the lime green poncho, I pulled my original Portuguese riding coat out of the closet. I bought it 15 years ago in an equestrian shop in Lisbon, but since I couldn't find a matching jacket to go with it, it has practically never been worn. But this poncho is perfect for it. My skirt is finally coming into its own.

If you want something cozy and yet elegant, you can also combine the poncho with stone-colored cashmere knit trousers by Peter Hahn.

This makes it wonderfully warm and comfortable to endure the whole day at the lake.

My third favorite piece of April is these orange pants by Peter Hahn

She sits great. Due to its stretch content, it is comfortable and not only does everything, but also stays in shape. While browsing the Peter Hahn online site, I discovered this cute,

off-white cashmere sweater with seahorses.

Animal prints aren't really my thing, but in this case I'll make an exception.

It's on the seahorse.

I really like it because seahorses celebrate romantic love. Couples of seahorses in love embrace each other by the tips of their tails and float gracefully, pirouetting through the seagrass. But seahorses can do even more. The little horse-headed fish are true miracle creatures.

With them, the males take over the strenuous pregnancy and carry the babies to term. They are therefore at the forefront when it comes to emancipation. So this sweater is a MUST for me.

I also like to style the orange trousers with sporty tops and sneakers. So I am well equipped for long walks or shopping trips.

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