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  • Simone Jacob


I admit it, they get on my nerves, the constant news about Corona. Every minute, everywhere, 24 hours a day. Since the beginning of the year, the virus has been my constant companion. As if there had been nothing else before. What happened to Greta Thunberg, the Me-Too movement, the diesel scandal, refugee drama, the war in Syria, etc.? Nothing! Everything as if wiped away.

Even two months after the Corona Lockdown, the virus is still on everyone's lips. Understandably, after all, it can be fatal and we don't know who it will catch next. Of course, the old and sick are particularly at risk, but it also strikes young and healthy people time and again. That's why the rules continue to apply:



Disinfect hands.

But complaints are being heard more and more frequently. Just recently, a demonstration against the Corona rules took place in Berlin. People have no desire to be further restricted and are becoming more careless by downplaying the danger. There are many reasons for this, among others disinformation, economic hardship, but also the dangerous mindset, "only the others die".

To the normal state - that's where everyone wants to go back to as soon as possible. So do I.

Only ignoring the Corona rules, is the surest way into the next lockdown.

I have (almost) always followed the rules, even now - although it really sucks. Especially at 30 degrees and more with mask on the train, shopping or at the doctor's etc.. - I can imagine nicer things.

But so what..if it protects lives. And that is the only thing that counts.

Others often see it differently. Not only in Berlin, but also in my environment. Unfortunately, it happens more and more often that I am spontaneously hugged by my fellow men without being asked beforehand whether it is okay for me. When I then recoil in fright, I sometimes get comments like "don't be like that", "it doesn't matter", "danger over", "man, what are you like? I think that's not a good development.

How can another person decide for me whether I want to protect myself further or not. What does the other person know about my health condition, to what extent I belong to the problem group, or simply have to protect other people with whom I have contact.

For example, my 80-year-old father who visits me frequently, my 84-year-old aunt, my neighbor with asthma, etc.

For me, making decisions for others has nothing to do with freedom, but with encroachment.

Of course, I realize that those who love to hug don't mean it badly, but usually mean it in a nice way, but here they should just think a few steps further, of the other person.

Distance, mask and disinfecting are the best and simplest rules to prevent a quick step backwards into the old corona conditions, and who wants another corona lockdown. For most, that would be a financial disaster.
I will therefore not be irritated, continue to wear a mask, keep my distance and disinfect my matter what the cool ones say about it ;-)

Bag tip for disinfecting:

This is not paid advertising! I recently discovered this small pocket spray from Haan ( for disinfecting hands. It really convinced me because it avoids plastic and has other benefits.

The packaging is biodegradable, recyclable, saves water, kills viruses, is refillable and comes in these colors.

The spray contains aloe vera and kills 99.9 percent of all viruses. It comes in five different scents: Morning Glory, Dew of Dawn, Citrus Noon, Sunset Fleur, and Wood Night. A spray costs 5.90. The pack of 5 25.90

With this pump spray (30 ml) you save 134 liters of drinking water, which is usually lost when washing your hands.

  • 1 in 10 people worldwide do not have access to clean water.

  • 80% of diseases in developing countries are waterborne.

  • Women and children in developing countries spend hours every day hauling fresh water.

The two young Spanish Haan founders Eric Armengou and Hugo Rovira are working to ensure that more and more people have access to clean drinking water. That's why they invest 20% of their profits in building wells in Malawi.

Photo by Haan



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