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Color fancy! As inside so outside

Foto Mirjam Kluka, Styling & Concept Daniella Gurtner, Veröffentlichung in Donna Magazin 2/22

We women care and take loving care of our appearance. Cutting hair, coloring, make-up, exquisite skin creams, sophisticated make-up, cool clothes styling. We are passionate about optimizing ourselves, because when we feel beautiful, we go through the day more elated and are also perceived more positively by others. But feeling good doesn't just start with us, but already when we wake up, in our immediate surroundings.

When I open my eyes, what do I see?

A lovelessly furnished bedroom, bare walls, bathed in cold light or a frenzy of colors, perhaps red, yellow, blue or green, decorated with beautiful furniture and great pictures on the walls, so that I immediately jump into the day in a good mood...

Our inner life does not stop on the outside. On the contrary, the space around me is, so to speak, my extended "I". The eye takes in my surroundings and these have an effect on me. If it is loving, warm, cozy, imaginative and beautiful, then my heart is also happy, feels caressed and comfortable.

Therefore, take an objective look at your living space. Is it good for you? By the way, it's not called "living" space for nothing. It is where 50-80 percent of your life takes place and only you decide on the quality.

The easiest way to make your home pretty and set the mood is to use COLORS! Maybe you are worried that you will paint and then not like it? No problem. Then you just repaint. Walls are patient creatures and endure many coats of paint.

I, for example, started in the living room behind the couch with a red wall.

After a few years, I could no longer see red. One red wall quickly became a dark blue wall. A few months later, the other three white walls also had to believe it and became green. Taste changes. It may and it should. Every now and then a new outfit, even in living, creates new perspectives and makes life more colorful.

Of course, my color rush didn't end with blue and green, but continued in the kitchen with a soft apricot.

Foto Mirjam Kluka, Styling & Concept Daniella Gurtner, Veröffentlichung in Donna Magazin 2/22
Foto Mirjam Kluka, Styling & Concept Daniella Gurtner, Veröffentlichung in Donna Magazin 2/22

The hallway became sMud color and dark red, the toilet also mud color and pink. The bedroom I administered a wallpaper with oversized floral pattern behind the bed and in addition three green walls.

True, a bit wild and certainly not everyone's thing, but just right for me. How about you find out which colors suit you! Do you like to surround yourself with cream and beige tones, or do you blossom with lilac.

Colors make the light shine. White walls do not look white on cloudy days, but tired gray.

With the new colored walls and if you play a little with the lighting, you get a good mood shower every day when you get up.

More photos in my artist portrait / home story in Donna Magazine 2/22.

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