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You are aware that the environmental problems on our planet are getting worse every day. One of these problems is the coffee-to-go cup that ends up in the garbage or even worse in nature after a single use.

In Germany alone, 320,000 coffee-to-go cups are thrown away every hour. Lt. of the German Environmental Aid, DUH ( makes THREE BILLION DISPOSABLE CUP WASTE each year. This corresponds to around 40,000 tons of waste per year.

you want to do something Even urgent. But you fail because of the feeling of powerlessness. Where should you, where can you start and what can you really achieve? You feel small and incapable in the face of the multitude, size and complexity of all the problems on earth. Despondent you do nothing in the end.

I know that feeling all too well. I often let it paralyze me. My biggest enemy was myself. My disillusionment, my frustration at not being able to do anything. Looking at the huge mountain of problems made me discouraged.

But even the highest mountain can be climbed with the first small step. If EVERYONE HELPS in their own way, even if it's ONLY A LITTLE, it's a LOT in the end.

Here is my little project:

From now on I will no longer drink coffee from disposable cups. All it takes is a tiny bit of discipline and your OWN RECYCLABLE TO-GO CUP. No matter where I am, I always have it with me from now on.

In the coffee shop, I give it to the waiter at the counter and ask her to pour the coffee into my mug. There has never been a problem. Then I wash out my mug and it's already ready for the next delicious coffee. Sometimes my mug even saves me money. Because the coffee shop also benefits from my reusable cup. Because he saves on his own disposable cup, he can usually sell me my coffee for a few cents cheaper.

So you start too! Get your own coffee-to-go mug and let it become your constant companion. A small step is better than none!

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