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Every encounter with the most precious wool in the world creates feelings of happiness in me. My skin feels caressed and caressed by the noble undercoat of the goats - the cashmere. It is the finest wool in the world and it is available for purchase in every shape and color.

This article is supported by Peter Hahn

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I show you here some of my favorite sweaters, which will definitely bring me not only warm and cozy, but also cheerful through the fall and winter. All parts are from the fashion house and online shipper Peter Hahn, which has over 50 years of experience with cashmere.

Peter Hahn sources its luxury wool from the white goats of the barren steppe landscape of Inner Mongolia. Approximately 60 million Kashmir goats live here. The extreme climatic conditions, minus 40 to plus 40 degrees in winter and summer, ensure that the goats' wool is of particularly high quality. Peter Hahn uses only premium cashmere, which consists of particularly fine and long fibers.

For a single cashmere sweater, three!!! goats give up their undercoat. A farmer manages only about 20 goats a day. You see, the extraction of the luxury hair is time-consuming, hard work and already has a long way behind it, until it finally lands as a favorite piece in our wardrobe.

This time I have also dared to sweaters in the pattern mix. So far, they did not really correspond to my taste buds, but when I slipped into the wild sweaters on a trial basis, I was thrilled. Yes, some things that do not appeal on the hanger, but looks great when worn and vice versa.

This sweater from Cashmere Victim is a real eye-catcher and does not tolerate any competition. Pants and skirt with it must therefore be color-clear and restrained.

Even my 63-year-old life partner and my 30-year-old daughter escaped at the sight of this pattern mix sweaters a WOW. Two generations are of one opinion!!! If that doesn't say it all...

You just have to throw fashion prejudices overboard every now and then to discover a new look.

I also liked these sweaters in orchid and coral. These colors are the plump life and pep up every still so gray autumn day. Always fitting and relaxed to it, are of course jeans.

Tip for the care of cashmere:

-Only if the sweater is 100% cashmere, it may be written on the label.

-Cashmere products should rarely be washed and if so only cold on the left with wool detergent.

-Cashmere hardly absorbs odors, so airing is better than washing.

-Comb out the small nodules, the so-called pilling, which forms especially at friction points, such as under the arms, with a pilling comb.

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