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Capetown - Black Vibes and Colours

It is my fourth time in Cape Town and as always, I am enchanted. Just under half a million inhabitants live here in the windiest spot on the African continent. Whites are in the minority with 20 percent. The majority of the population, 80 percent, is black or colored. Their energy can be felt everywhere. People dance, perform, laugh a lot and loudly, even about themselves. Body-shaming seems to be unknown here. The body, usually quite voluptuous among the ladies, is celebrated in imaginative, colorful garments for all to see.

I'm booked to shoot an international commercial. In the city on the Cape of Good Hope, countless productions take place in winter, because when it's winter here, summer begins here. In addition, there is no time difference despite the approx. 12-hour flight from Europe.


I stay at the Hotel Radisson Blu (5 stars) directly at the Ocean. From here it is only ten minutes to the popular Waterfront. As the name suggests, it is right on the water and a kind of amusement park with Ferris wheel, stores, bars, restaurants, an amphitheater and the large Victoria Wharf Shopping Mall (V&A).

View from the hotel room

African Art

After a visit to the mall, as a sculptor I naturally have to go to the "African Trading Post". Here, on three floors, live old African works of art made of stone, wood, horn, leather, feathers and dirt. For me, heaven on earth.

For hours I marvel at the exuberant art of the Africans, which is completely free of rules and shows itself wild, impetuous and imaginative. Everything is allowed, everything is combined with everything.

I can't help it, I buy a massive wooden man. No idea how I manage to squeeze him into my suitcase between my clothes?!

Culinary Capetown is an orgy for eyes and stomach, but for a third of the German prices.

The best sushi in town is right under my nose at Willoughby & Co. in the V&S Mall. The Sushi Bomb is legendary. Other trendy restaurants, bars and stores can be found in the cool nightlife district on Kloof Street. This is where the Capetown scene meets in the evenings. My favorite coffee house is Molten Toffee (45b Kloof Street) with delicious coffee and the best toasties. I also love Café Paradiso (110 Kloof Street) with Mediterranean food.

If you want to get to know the vineyards around Capetown and combine that with excellent food, drive about 45 minutes in the direction of Stellenbosch. A place of longing is the Indochine Restaurant (reservation: +27 21 885 8160 or

It is part of the Graff Hotel, Lounges & Spa. The restaurant is located in the middle of a magnificent park with huge sculptures made of bronze and stone. Now for the food. The 7-course lunch menu is simply out of this world. I enjoy the explosions of flavors in my mouth. For this culinary heaven, including the best South African wine, I end up paying 35 euros.


If you have time, you should definitely take a hike up Table Mountain. It is the symbol of Captown. The way up is steep and sweaty, but fantastically beautiful. With a bit of luck, you can spot a so-called klipsschliefer, which is slightly larger than a guinea pig. Two hours later on the summit I look over the whole bay. Down we go by train.

Trips along the coast

A beautiful tour is towards the east, along the coast to Camps Bay.

Back to work

Of course there is much more to see, but I had to work a little bit.

Discussing the scene with director Christina Hodnet

One of the sets

By the way, the woodman arrived home safe and sound.
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