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Most of the time, we hear about successful people when they already are. But only when you look at their whole life do you realize that their road to success was full of setbacks and hard work.

Genius and passion alone are not enough. The most important ingredient is perseverance. Successful people never give up. In their biographies, we get a glimpse of the inner struggles, doubts, insecurities and often the great personal price they had to pay.

I can learn from their stories. They inspire me and encourage me to believe in myself even in dark moments and to keep going.

My biography tips:

  • Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run

  • Andre Agassi - Open

  • Steve Jobs

  • Michelle Obama - Becoming

  • Andre Heller - Fire Head

  • Keith Richards - Life

On Instagram, I asked my followers for their biography tips. I got so many tips. Really unbelievable. I just wrote them all down here without checking them myself. Enjoy reading...

Biography tips from my followers on Instagram:

  • Diane Keaton

  • Helena Rubinstein

  • Bobby Dekayser

  • Gunter Sachs

  • Queen Elizabeth

  • Grace Hopper

  • Tina Turner

  • Francoise Gilot

  • Simone de Beauvoir

  • Kate Kirkpatrick

  • Coco Chanel

  • Victoria Ocampo

  • Madame Curie

  • Agatha Christie

  • Rosa Luxemburgo

  • Teresa de Avila

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