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  • Simone Jacob

Between yourself and heaven stands only the fear of not being good enough

In progress, my new marble sculpture....

You have a dream. Let's say you want to paint. You buy brushes, paint, canvas and just start. You are happy as you have not been for a long time and enjoy the time with you and the canvas. Soon your friends come to visit. They make polite remarks about your paintings and even give you well-meaning advice. A bit unsettled you start a new picture, but your head paints along. Perhaps a little more color or rather less, rather more representational or more abstract? What would your friends like better?

You have less fun now. Painting becomes a struggle for the best brushstroke. Despondent and frustrated, you decide to go to the museum in the next few days, you want to be inspired by the great artists. But this gives you the rest. In the face of their talent and skill, you feel unworthy and small. How dare you think that you can even come close to creating such a good work of art?

How it began! A shapeless, chunky marble stone...

What happened? The remarks of your friends and the comparison with other artists has killed your joy and inspiration. You have lost your intuition and your childlike fun to express yourself - HOWEVER GOOD IT MAY BE.

...with perseverance and confidence I peel my figure out of the stone.

Your standards were too high. You couldn't win. Whether it's painting, sculpting, singing, playing music, snowboarding, kiteboarding or any other skill, the most important thing is to do it. Talent helps, but it's not everything. Almost more important is perseverance. Just do it, do it and do it again.

...until my fat marble lady comes to life more and more.

Andy Warhol once said, "While others are still criticizing my work, I just keep going."

Or 'as Grandma liked to say, "Practice makes perfect."'

She was right. Talent is one thing, but to make it blossom takes perseverance and lots and lots of practice. Trust yourself to find your very own way.

I too sometimes have doubts about my artistic abilities, There are so many better artists than me, but "so what", I won't let that take away my fun. I will not discourage myself with comparisons, but just keep going and eventually I will achieve my own special excellence.

A little more work and she'll be ready.

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