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  • Simone Jacob


This contribution is supported by PETER HAHN!

All Photos by Roman Kuhn

Do you know that? The wardrobe is full, but you keep reaching for your two or three seasonal favorites. That's how it is for me. I then combine my favorite pieces up and down with everything my clothes box has to offer. I don't need much for that. Just imagination and experimentation.

This spring, for example, I fell in love with a casual, wide, lilac-colored cashmere sweater by PETER HAHN, with a V-neckline at the front and back. My second favorite piece is a thin, fluttering, knee-length floral skirt by UTA RAASCH with a nice waist in the colors red, off-white and dark green.

By combining my old clothes with my new favorite pieces, I can conjure up completely different looks with little effort.

There are no limits to my imagination. From classy to cool to casual/sporty. Everything is possible!

Here I show you how I like to wear my new favorite sweater. This lilac-colored sweater enhances any pair of trousers. I love pairing it with unusual colors like these bright yellow pants. This is a real eye-catcher and puts you in a good mood. Great and completely different again, it also looks great with narrow leather or floral pants.

My favorite floral skirt this season is feminine and doesn't pinch anywhere.

With the flowers on it, it's wonderfully playful and a bit romantic.

Here, too, I can create unexpected, great, new looks with breaks in style, such as combining romantic with sporty. Sneakers and a sweatshirt jacket with a classy floral skirt.

Is the?! Sure, that's possible! Anything fun is allowed.

And it also looks surprisingly cool, cheeky and trendy. In addition, with this outfit you are guaranteed not to get tired feet on long hikes through the city. I was particularly impressed by the casual, beige sweater or the leather jacket with the skirt.

My advice: Raid your closet and combine a few favorite pieces with old things. You will see that your wardrobe contains real treasures that come to life with your new favorite pieces.

Finally, I would like to introduce you to this light blue, light short coat with bell-shaped 3/4 sleeves by UTA RAASCH, which I wouldn't want to do without this season.



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