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  • Simone Jacob


1. Pilling.

Can be reduced by buying high-quality cashmere products, but cannot be avoided entirely. The best way to get rid of small knots is with a PETER HAHN pilling comb

comb out gently.

2. Smell

Cashmere hardly absorbs bad smells and if it does, just hang out in the fresh air for a few hours.

3. Wash

-As rarely as possible.

-When washing, turn the product inside out.

-Better not by hand, but in the machine on the wool cycle.

-According to the label, but never poorer than 30 degrees and more than 600 revolutions.

–Use detergent for cashmere (link) It contains no bleach, brighteners or fabric softeners and is moisturizing. Hair shampoo is also suitable.

4. Spots

Shampoo the stain and then put it in the machine on the wool cycle.

Never soak, rub or even brush. This will matt the fiber.

5. Keep

-If the product is not to be worn for a long time, store loosely in plastic bags.

-Moth strips not in the closet, but outside. The smell would almost lure moths into the closet and who knows, maybe one or the other moth will get lost in the jumper to lay their eggs before they stick to the strip.

-Simple home recipe. Line the closet with newspaper. Moths don't like printer's ink.



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